Chrome Dev Inspector Tool

The Google Chrome Inspector tool in which is called the Chrome dev tool has been vital for my design process and the process to which a website is made. It allows deep access for any website I wish to research on for my studies aswell as assisting me in positioning elements to the exact pixel needed, this tool is essential for any front end developer and cannot stress enough how important it is.

Features within the Chrome Dev Tools begin in simply viewing the timeline to which the user is able to view their websites rendering performance. This is incredibly important as within building a website you will need to always be monitoring the pace of your website to allow good user experience on everyones end maximising quality and reducing load time for your website. The next main feature by using the option inspect element allows you to pinpoint any area of anyones website or your own and to be able to change any element your liking client sided, this is extremely important to know as it can save a vast amount of time by position live instead of edit and refresh, it is also great for playing around with when wanting to test. Furthermore the inspect element allows you to view how animations are played out, capturing opacity movements and much more. Lastly the new feature device mode allows for simulation of devices on the web that emulates different screen sizes and resolutions aswell as being able to simulate device input for geolocation, touch events and device orientation.

To conclude, if you are wanting to accelerate your workflow being able to live edit aswell as extract essential information for learning more about web development I would highly recommend using the Chrome dev tool as it will enhance your quality of work and your knowledge.


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