Integrated development environment

As it stands for the Integrated development environment (IDE) , I truely believe Brackets is in front of line when it come to code editing, not only for its simple layout and friendly user experience but it immensely excels the speed of my workflow allowing me to to push for higher degree work in a less significant time.

What makes Brackets so appealing? and why is it chosen over software such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Atom? Most people would agree that the main reason they will stick with Brackets is simply its an open source, which means it is free for everyone and forever which tends to make people feel more comfortable with the software. Adobe Dreamweaver and Atom tend to compete with Brackets as they also share some benefits aside for the fact they’re not an open source and require you to sign up and pay a monthly subscription for access to the software, which not everyone is comfortable with doing.

Some benefits that are shared between these IDE’s is that they can all allow for effective work but is dependant on the user to how they enjoy their workspace as each offers different and unique layouts, furthermore Adobe Dreamweaver offers split live view as some may prefer it over being able to see code and output live rather then using their actual browsers in the background needing to refresh on every change switching back and forth between code and output. Other key features that Brackets enforces are extensions that allow enhancements to your experience making certain tasks simpler and more efficient and code completion, which is incredibly fast and useful which auto completes code and gives other quick options that the user may be looking for. Finally there is no required signup or installation for the software, it is a simple as visiting their website, downloading and then running the application.

In conclusion it will always come down to the user to which IDE they personally feel is the best and will need to explore to find the one they work best with.

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